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Signature features of the EDxtreme Blue

Xtreme engineering

Building a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment requires masterful engineering. This is where Dillon’s experience shines through. The engineers assigned to the EDxtreme drew on a depth of industrial application knowledge and conducted exhaustive materials testing to achieve the highest structural integrity.

The EDXtreme Blue is the latest Dillon dynamometer offering, allowing for wireless use through a Bluetooth® connection with an Android or iOS device. Utilization of the Dillon EDX free mobile app allows for remote monitoring, data logging and exporting, and remote configuration of the EDXtreme Blue dynamometer.

Unlike the EDXtreme Red, the EDXtreme Blue dynamometer does not have a functional RS-232 or USB interface and does not connect to a Communicator II device. However, when paired with a user’s mobile device the Dillon EDX mobile app allows for direct exporting of captured logs in PDF or CSV formats.

Easy, One-to-One Communication

The EDXtreme Blue mobile app allows for easy discovery and direct pairing to any EDXtreme Blue dynamometer within a 400’ line-of-sight range. Simply power on the EDXtreme Blue dynamometer, open the free Dillon EDX mobile application and select “Add Bluetooth Device”.

All EDXtreme Blue dynamometers that are powered on within range will populate the mobile app allowing for fast, painless pairing with the device. Dillon’s softKey interface eliminates confusing menus for faster set-up and simple operation. In addition to lbf, kgf, and Newtons, programmable functions can correct for gravitational variations and allow the use of custom units of measurement. In addition to the ability to change these setup options via the softKeys, toggling of units and zeroing ability performable through the mobile application.

While the Dillon EDX mobile app will detect numerous devices, it will only pair with one dynamometer at a time. In order to monitor the load/force of multiple dynamometers on a given screen at one time, users must utilize an EDXtreme Red with Communicator II.

Xtreme engineering

Building a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment requires precise engineering. This is where Dillon’s experience shines through. Our engineers have drawn upon their collective mechanical, electrical and component experience to achieve the highest structural integrity.

• Capacity – 2500 lbf to 25,000 lbf / 1000 kgf to 10,000 kgf

• 7:1 factor of safety* – This measure of strength and safety is maintained by most capacities. Computer modeling confirms the low stress and long product life that is inherent in the EDXtreme design.

* Models 5T and below feature a 7:1 safety factory. Model 10T features a 5:1 safety factor.

• Superior strength and corrosion resistance – High capacity models are constructed of powder coated aircraft-quality alloy steel. Lower capacity models are powder coated aircraft-quality aluminum.

• Retained hardware – Allows permanent attachment of centering spacers, which eliminates fumbling during high capacity rigging

• NEMA 4X/IP68 – The EDXtreme is clearly the choice for reliability in any environment – in-plant or out on the job site.

EDX Blue Specifications

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