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CS Series Crane Scale

Brecknell BCS Series Electronic Crane Scales: Value In Weighing


Salter Brecknell crane scales are versatile, economic solutions for overhead material handling and weighing applications

Remote Control- Puts all scale functions at your fingertips

Two Popular Capacities– 3000 kg x 1 kg / 6000 lb x 2 lb
5000 kg x 2 kg / 10,000 lb x 5 lb

Sturdy Construction– Aluminum die-cast case, alloy steel loadcell, hook and shackle

Visible LED Display– Has three adjustable brightness levels for any environment

Dual Power– Operate by on-board battery or while connected to charger

Rechargeable battery– Depending on LED brightness and idle mode setting, battery works from 60 hrs to 200 hrs

Elongated upper shackle– Accommodates thick hooks

Swivel hook with latch– Makes load connection easy and secure

Dual Units of Measure– Displays kg or lb

Accumulator function– Calculates total weight

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